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Hosting your virtual meetings

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Taking care of your virtual meetings

When COVID hit the World in 2020, face-to-face meetings & courses were stopped, the new virtual format sprang into life.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet all became the norm! Even when things are started to get back to normal, businesses realised just how adaptable these formats are in regards to 'instant meetings'.

Of course, face-to-face board meetings and courses etc. will always have their place, but the quickness, convenience and ease to set-up of the 'virtual' meeting cannot be ignored.

Combine the virtual meeting with your website, you now have a very powerful hybrid format which quickly brings everyone up-to-speed with your business plans and ideas!

Bringing Virtual Meetings & Website Together

Here at tikTok design, we firmly believe that having the ability to host a virtual meeting, then have the important topics instantly uploaded to your website for all to see, is an immensely powerful marketing move, which will almost certainly give you the edge over your competition!

What tikTok design bring to the party?

To ensure your virtual meeting runs as smoothly as possible, tikTok design will handle everything, from setting up the meeting, sending out invites to your team, monitoring the waiting room so that only invited members get access, being there ready to re-sent any invites to members who can't find them on the day, setting up break-out-rooms (if required), in fact, pretty much anything you want us to do, tikTok design have got your back!